Jan_w_2_WEB_210x140In April 1999, Jan left the corporate world to explore her dream of owning her own company. She could never have predicted that 15 years later she’d still be running that business and working with a team of skilled professionals to serve her fantastic clients.

What began as Progressive Publishing Services has morphed into the current Inspired Design Business Management brand, serving clients all over the world and finding huge satisfaction in helping her clients do things in their business that they never dreamed they’d be able to do. Hearing the excitement in their voice and in the words of their emails as they realize that they CAN get the help they need, and that it’s so easy, makes her smile and makes it well worth heading into the office each morning.

Jan, a Business Support Specialist, has extensive training and education and skills, both in business and in supporting clients in the virtual world. She is a certified Master Virtual Assistant and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. A major influence on Jan’s business has been her education in the Uplevel You business programs. Jan also has the honor of working with many Uplevel You clients, guiding them technologically in the business practices that help bring them business success.

Areas of expertise include web presence development, communications, and document layout and design. Inspired Design Business Management has been providing entrepreneurs and businesses high quality, professional business support since 1999.

Contact Jan at greatresults@inspireddesignbusiness.com for more information or click here to set up a Business Inspiration Call.