A Special Offer Just for You

Are you wishing you could get some support with your business tasks and projects but don’t know where to start or how to do it, if you can afford it, or what you would have someone help you with?

?????????????I know that getting business support is often difficult to think about with everything that we’re juggling in our businesses and our lives, so I’m making this offer available to anyone that wants to dip their toe in the virtual assistance waters.

Inspired Design business support packages include a 5 hour/month monthly package for $275, a 10 hour 3-month package for $500, and a 20 hour 3-month package for $900.

This Special Opportunity… 

is an introductory 5-hour package for $250, and you have 3 months to use the time. Monthly statements are provided so you can see how much time you’ve used and how much time you have left. When you run out of time, you simply purchase more time and work continues. Seamlessly.

The time can be used for

  • consulting, brainstorming
  • process development
  • ezine design and preparation
  • wordpress content/graphics updates
  • document layout and design
  • eblast support
  • program development
  • shopping cart work
  • client management
  • <insert what you need here>

This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet and start getting the assistance you need to move your business forward faster.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and see what we can do together, click the graphic below so you can easily get started.

I’m Ready to Make a Splash in My Business!

 (Link accepts Paypal and credit cards.)

If you’d like to chat first, click here to schedule a Get Inspired – Get Acquainted call or email me at jan@inspireddesignbusiness.com.

I’m looking forward to helping you explore the possibilities that VA support can offer!


Janice Wlodarski
Master Virtual Assistant and Business Support Specialist
Inspired Design Business Management